Osteoporosis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

Date : 10th Oct 2021 | Posted By Admin

While sedentary and inactive lifestyle has made us prone to several health disorders, osteoporosis is emerging as a common bone problem- a low-bone density disease. This article intends to illuminate an overview of osteoporosis, its effects, and the possible treatments to alleviate its symptoms.

1 - Osteoporosis

The crosssection of bone is like a honeycomb with small spaces in it. These holes become bigger and wider in osteoporosis, making bones weak, brittle, and likely to break. In some severe cases, even mild sudden movements like cough or a sneeze may cause a fracture in extreme cases.

2 - Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Following are the most obvious signs of osteoporosis:

  • 1.Fracture after low trauma
  • 2.Development of a curve on the back
  • 3.Receding gums
  • 4.Bone pain
  • 5.Pain in the back, hip, or neck
  • 6.Loss of height
  • 7.Brittle fingernails

3 - Causes of Osteoporosis

According to our orthopedic doctor in Mumbai, certain conditions are more likely to be caused by osteoporosis.

People suffering from the following conditions may develop osteoporosis:

  • 1.Diabetes
  • 2.Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • 3.Thyroid problems
  • 4.Celiac disease
  • 5.Leukemia
  • 6.Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • 7.Cancer

4 - Risk Factors for Osteoporosis

Other factors that are known to increase the chances of developing osteoporosis are:

  • 1.Gender (Women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis)
  • 2.Being post-menopausal
  • 3.Family history
  • 4.Having a small frame
  • 5.Age (older people are more at risk)
  • 6.Sedentary lifestyle
  • 7.Smoking
  • Alcoholism

5 - Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Your doctor will look for any signs and symptoms of osteoporosis like any decrease in height or angular bend of the skeletal structure to diagnose osteoporosis. Doctor may also ask for certain blood tests or bone densitometry scan to check for bone density. Sometimes diagnosis of osteoporosis is made by your orthopedic doctor in Mumbai based on the quality of bone he handles during the operative procedures like joint replacement or fracture fixation surgeries.

6 - Treatment for Osteoporosis

Till now, there is no known exact cure for osteoporosis. However, the doctor can help manage the symptoms. Options include medications to increase bone density and hormone replacement therapy to help preserve bone density. Our orthopedic doctor in Mumbai prescribes bone-strengthening medications like Bisphosphonates and Denosumab. On the other hand, Bone-building medications like Teriparatide, Abaloparatide, and Romosozumab are recommended in most cases. Whereas, in severe cases of osteoporosis with deformed spinal curvature MISS like vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty are suggested by surgeons to treat the condition.

Next are lifestyle changes tips. The following lifestyle changes can prevent bone fractures due to Osteoporosis:

1. Exercise: Incorporate regular exercise in your daily routine to maintain balance long-term. It also helps increase flexibility and coordination, necessary to prevent falls. Exercise can be weight training, cardio, yoga, sports, or even dance. Consult your doctor about the best options of physical activity for you.

2. Healthy nutrition: This includes a calcium-rich diet like leafy greens, ragi, dairy products, and calcium-fortified foods. In addition, it's important to watch your protein intake, which is necessary to keep your muscles strong. Strong muscles reduce the likelihood of falls. Foods such as quinoa, nuts, lentils, and fish provide healthy protein.

3. Vitamin D: Although Vitamin D is not a cure for osteoporosis, it is known to help prevent further bone loss. Ingesting it is one of the ways the body will absorb any calcium consumed. Living in the tropical climate of India, you can get Vitamin D by spending some time outdoors every day. Sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D. You can also get it from fortified foods, fatty fish, cheese, and supplements.

4. Quit smoking: Doctors recommend osteoporosis patients quit smoking. In addition, researchers found a direct correlation between tobacco use and reduced bone density.

5. Limit caffeine and alcohol intake. Beverages like coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, and chocolates contain concentrated caffeine. Note that we recommend limiting caffeine and alcohol instead of eliminating it. The goal is to balance life's pleasures and health. Preserving bone strength is the most pressing concern after an osteoporosis diagnosis. Consuming too much caffeine can result in urinating more calcium than usual. In addition, too much alcohol reduces your body's ability to absorb calcium.

7 - Can Osteoporosis be Prevented?

The best way osteoporosis can be prevented to incorporate the above lifestyle changes into your routine. Don't wait for a degenerative disease diagnosis to make healthy changes.
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